Finish your CE courses by the end of August, 2017

This is your final warning to finish any and all CE courses that you may have purchased at, LLC by the end of this month (August, 2017). We’ve chosen to not renew our APA approval status. Technically our approval is good until 9/23/2017 but we’ll be closing up the website sometime during the month of September and won’t guarantee that you can access any courses after the end of August. If there are courses you still want to purchase and take you now have to e-mail me directly so I can help you purchase the course. I disabled the ability to purchase courses automatically because I did not want anyone to purchase something without realizing they only had until the end of August to complete the course.

Thanks for being interested in We’re glad the we’ve spent roughly 7 years as an APA approved provider but we’re moving on to other things. For example, if you’re interested in the relatively niche area of medical records file reviews or performing psych evals/IME’s you may want to check out the community we’re building at (and the referral source directory you can find there). I’m also a candidate for APA president again this year if you’d like to take the time to read what I wrote for the election (I’m not actually campaigning or seeking endorsements from organizations I don’t belong to though).

After we take down the Moodle we’ll still maintain records of your CE of course. You can always e-mail me at with questions about completed courses, etc.

Thanks again,


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