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In case you haven’t seen it yet, I send out a free Reviews & IME’s newsletter every Sunday.

If you subscribe to my free Reviews & IME’s newsletter (sign up here, it will automatically send you the free “Getting Started with Medical Records File Reviews & IME’s Guide” plus a list of 10 referral sources for free (my book includes a list of over 70 companies/ referral sources).

The Sunday 4/3/2016 Reviews & IME’s newsletter issue will also include the Referral Source of the Month for April, 2016 and the first installment of The Getting Started with Medical Records File Reviews & IME’s Guide. Future installments of the Getting Started guide will also be sent to those who have subscribed. People who subscribe from now on will have the Getting Started guide sent to them automatically when they subscribe.

So if you’re a psychologist or physician who is interested in learning more about medical records file review work and/or independent medical examinations feel free to sign up at

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