Finish your CE courses by the end of August, 2017

August 1st, 2017

This is your final warning to finish any and all CE courses that you may have purchased at, LLC by the end of this month (August, 2017). We’ve chosen to not renew our APA approval status. Technically our approval is good until 9/23/2017 but we’ll be closing up the website sometime during the month of September and won’t guarantee that you can access any courses after the end of August. If there are courses you still want to purchase and take you now have to e-mail me directly so I can help you purchase the course. I disabled the ability to purchase courses automatically because I did not want anyone to purchase something without realizing they only had until the end of August to complete the course.

Thanks for being interested in We’re glad the we’ve spent roughly 7 years as an APA approved provider but we’re moving on to other things. For example, if you’re interested in the relatively niche area of medical records file reviews or performing psych evals/IME’s you may want to check out the community we’re building at (and the referral source directory you can find there). I’m also a candidate for APA president again this year if you’d like to take the time to read what I wrote for the election (I’m not actually campaigning or seeking endorsements from organizations I don’t belong to though).

After we take down the Moodle we’ll still maintain records of your CE of course. You can always e-mail me at with questions about completed courses, etc.

Thanks again,


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Friendly continuing education reminder

May 15th, 2017

This is just a friendly reminder to complete any CE courses you may have purchased or purchase and take any that you are interested in taking at, LLC before the last day of this August, 2017. We do not plan to renew our APA approval status and plan to take down the Moodle software that runs our courses at that time. If you have questions email

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Remember, finish your courses by the end of August, 2017

April 13th, 2017

This is a reminder that you should finish any courses you’ve purchased at, LLC or purchase and finish any courses you want to take at, LLC before the end of August, 2017.

Remember, finish your courses by the end of August, 2017– we don’t intend to renew our APA approval status.


Todd Finnerty, Psy.D.

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Wouldya’ like to read my new Social Security disability consulting book for free on Kindle?

December 16th, 2016

Do you have an account on Amazon? If you follow my Author Page on Amazon you can enter to instantly win a copy of the Kindle edition of my new book related to Consulting on Social Security Disability Claims for Psychologists and Psychiatrists (with the help of an Amazon Giveaway). Give it a click and try your luck— you may instantly win the book for free!
How do you qualify for a chance to win?

Here is the prize.
Step 1: Be sure you are following my Amazon Author page on Amazon in order to be qualified (click the “follow” button near my picture). 
Step 2: Go to this entry link, click on the package, and see if you win (it just takes a moment); you may be selected by Amazon as an instant winner and receive a copy of the Kindle edition. Hurry though, because the prize pool is limited so you may miss your chance to win.
If you aren’t one of the winners then the consulting on Social Security disability book is just $9.99 on Kindle. However, you can still read it for free. It is free to read on Kindle if you subscribe to the Kindle unlimited plan which has a 30 day free trial. You can get the free trial (it is $9.99/month after that for access to over 1 million books). Instead of buying my Kindle book feel free to pay for the first month of the Kindle Unlimited Plan which is the same price and read my book then start on the over one million others you could read. If you prefer a print copy the print edition is $14.95 and is also now available on Amazon.

The free kindle copy you have a chance to win is for this book:

Consulting on Social Security Disability Claims for Psychologists and Psychiatrists: introducing the new mental listings and how me make disability determinations

Would you like to learn how psychologists and psychiatrists can help make decisions on Social Security disability claims? This text introduces psychologists, psychiatrists and others who are interested to how we make Social Security disability decisions. This book also tells psychologists and psychiatrists exactly who to contact in all 50 states to start getting referrals to perform psychological evaluations for Social Security disability as well as how to perform medical records review consultations for Social Security disability. In addition, this book reprints the exact criteria used by psychologists and psychiatrists to make Social Security disability decisions. It reprints both the old and new Social Security disability mental listings as well as other relevant policies which guide how we make decisions. It also includes commentary on the new mental listings for use beginning in January, 2017. Dr. Finnerty presents guidelines related to what is expected from a consultative examination (CE) for Social Security, including what is important to include in a Social Security disability evaluation. This book also includes a description of the mental abilities Social Security sees as required for any job. If you want to know how a Social Security disability determination is made this book is for you. This book also includes a special section with guidance on determining whether substance use is a material factor to a disability decision. 

Dr. Todd Finnerty has been a psychological consultant for a Social Security Disability Determination Service (DDS) since 2004. In this role he has provided training to adjudicators on evaluating functioning, reviewing claims involving substance use, changes with the DSM-5 and using the childhood disability listings. He includes insights from the trainings he developed in this book. In addition, Dr. Finnerty has made public comments on SSA’s proposed policy changes which have influenced how SSA evaluates disability, particularly for individuals with intellectual disability (intellectual disorder). A discussion of those comments is also included in this book, including a reprint of the specific comments Dr. Finnerty provided to the public record which helped influence SSA’s mental listings changes. Dr. Finnerty is also author of Supplementing Your Income with Medical Records File Reviews and IME’s 2017: A Guide for Psychologists and Physicians.

If you would like to get a directory of 365+ referral sources for medical records file reviews and/or independent medical examinations (including from disability insurance companies), you can learn more about that at

Thanks… and remember that the end of this August, 2017 is the last time to purchase or complete continuing education courses from (so get that stuff done soon if there are any courses you want to take).


365+ Referral Sources in your pocket

November 19th, 2016

kindlepic I’m happy to announce the publication of my new book: Supplementing Your Income with Medical Records File Reviews and IME’s: A Guide for Psychologists and Physicians 2017

Okay, so I just ripped off Steve Jobs and titled this blog post “365+ Referral Sources in your pocket,” but why not? The book is first and foremost a directory of opportunities.

This book pays for itself…

Physicians and Psychologists: This is your little black book for success in reviews and independent medical examinations (IME’s).

The book is a huge directory of over 365 potential referral sources (more than there are days in the year). The directory includes:
Employers for non-clinical careers
Referral sources who will schedule independent medical evaluations (IME’s) with you
Referral sources who will schedule various types of medical records reviews with you
These include work from home opportunities
The book is updated annually so that the directory stays fresh and current. If you send Dr. Finnerty a referral source that isn’t on the list and he uses it for next year, he will send you next year’s expanded list for free.

You can work from home or your office and make extra income on the side or even a full time income with the companies in this book. While this book is geared toward physicians and psychologists, the directory can also be useful for nurses, counselors and others interested in chart reviews and related work.

Do you want more independence with great ways to supplement your income? Do you want opportunities to work from home? The directory in this book is loaded with perfect opportunities for you with specific information for each company. The peer review and IME opportunities include medical consulting on cases related to private disability insurance claims, Social Security disability claims, Veterans’ and other disability programs, workers’ compensation, personal injury claims, malpractice, quality assurance, standard of care reviews, health care utilization review, medical necessity and pre-authorization to only name some. The book offers an introduction to getting referrals for the many different opportunities in file review and independent medical examinations. It provides profiles and contact information for hundreds of organizations you can work with. This is one of those rare books which will more than pay for itself. Save yourself months of research trying to find these opportunities. This book is first and foremost an opportunity directory. Open up Reviews & IME’s 2017, your little black book, and start getting referrals for medical records reviews and/or independent medical examinations now.

What does Reviews & IME’s do?

Reviews & IME’s maintains free Facebook and LinkedIn groups you can join for networking.
Reviews & IME’s sends out a free weekly email newsletter you can subscribe to.
Reviews & IME’s publishes this directory of hundreds of companies so you can find lots of opportunities.

4 Ethics CE Credits and over 70 referral sources for $169

May 12th, 2016

OUR BEST DEAL EVER: 4 Ethics Credits & a list of over 70 Reviews & IME’s referral source companies for $169

We just added a new 4 Credit ETHICS COURSE May, 2016:

The Ethics of Reviews and IME’s (4 ethics CE course for psychologists)

Purchase this online, text-based ethics course (and referral source list) now.
Psychologists: This 4 credit ethics course is the most expensive course on our website, but it is also the best deal ever on our site. You’ll get 4 Ethics CE PLUS the names of over 70 referral sources who send out referrals for medical records file reviews and/or independent medical examinations (IME) work. The only comparable course that exists anywhere that includes a list of referral sources is the once-a-year SEAK workshop in Florida (and they aren’t APA approved, don’t offer ethics credits and cost well over $1,000).
By including the referral source list for you, this course not only gives you 4 ethics credits– it pays for itself by giving you the tools to generate great referrals for file review and/or IME work.

Medical File Review and IME’s are a great way to supplement your income. You can make more money and spend more time at home through file reviews and/or IME’s. You can find a more independent lifestyle or supplement your retirement income with interesting work. You can learn more about this type of work at

In this course, psychologist Dr. Todd Finnerty will provide commentary for you related to the APA Ethics Code and the APA Specialty Guidelines for Forensic Psychology. The course is based on reading two PDFs and answering 41 True/False questions. The quiz questions appear in the text alongside the content they are based on and also include page number references. Dr. Finnerty has performed file reviews on disability claims since 2004

Course Objectives: Participants will be able to list ethical issues involved in medical records file reviews and independent medical examinations. Participants will be able to recognize common logical fallacies. Participants will be able to apply the APA ethics code to reviews and IME’s. Participants will be able to describe the Specialty Guidelines for Forensic Psychology.
Take the course now and get 4 ethics CE and a list of over 70 referral sources for the great value of $169.
Who butters your bread? There is an idiom “know which side your bread is buttered on.” It essentially boils down to knowing who to be nice to in order to benefit yourself. However, leading with “what will butter my bread?” has rarely been a successful ethical decision-making strategy. I’d also like to think that most of us are able to manage those impulses and maintain an ethical framework for decision-making.

However, the judge in the case Maiden v. Aetna (N.D Indiana) 2016 WL 81489 essentially accused the psychologist consulting for the disability insurance company of paying attention to what side his bread was buttered on. In Maiden v. Aetna there was an allegation that the reviewing doctors were biased in favor of Aetna because Aetna paid them. The judge wrote in relation to these independent consultants that “one might reasonably wonder just how independent the reviewers [the judge named them specifically] really are. Their bread has been buttered by Aetna before; each of them has been hired by Aetna multiple times to conduct these kinds of disability reviews.” There were concerns that the reviewers cherry-picked evidence in favor of Aetna. The judge noted that a consultant “may have financial incentive to be hard-nosed in his claims evaluation…”

Taking an approach like the judge suggests would be contrary to our ethical principles, standards and guidelines. For example, in the Specialty Guidelines for Forensic Psychology Guideline 1.02 it notes forensic practitioners “strive for accuracy, impartiality, fairness, and independence.” It notes “forensic practitioners recognize the adversarial nature of the legal system and strive to treat all participants and weigh all data, opinions, and rival hypotheses impartially. When conducting forensic examinations, forensic practitioners strive to be unbiased and impartial, and avoid partisan presentation of unrepresentative, incomplete, or inaccurate evidence that might mislead finders of fact.”

The potential ethical concerns of knowing which side your bread is buttered on doesn’t only impact the forensic consultant. The treating provider also has factors working on them. They may perceive an advocacy duty to the patient. They are also, of course, being paid by the patient. More compellingly, they may fear a negative impact on the treatment relationship and a potential reprisal from their patient such as a board complaint or malpractice lawsuit. Their resulting risk-management approach may be to keep their patient happy and offer favorable opinions for their patient centered primarily on their self-report. This risk management/advocacy perspective from a treating provider can potentially impact the opinions a treatment provider offers. However, this also can put a treatment provider at ethical risk. Treating providers should be careful of situations where multiple relationships may arise. They may begin to perform the dual role of forensic expert offering opinions while also trying to maintain a treatment relationship and advocate for their patient. This can lead to ethics problems. The Specialty Guidelines for Forensic Psychology Guideline 4.02.01: Therapeutic-Forensic Role Conflicts notes “providing forensic and therapeutic psychological services to the same individual or closely related individuals involves multiple relationships that may impair objectivity and/or cause exploitation or other harm.” Psychologists are to “make reasonable efforts to refer the request to another qualified provider.” Treating providers should be very cautious in relation to how they respond to requests from their patients to offer forensic-oriented opinions.

Act Now: Available only for a limited time

We’re approved by APA until the end of August, 2017. If you want CE credit for courses please complete them before then.
We haven’t officially decided whether we’ll apply for renewal with APA after our current 5 year approval status expires. If we do decide to renew, we’re going to shutdown for an unknown amount of time anyway and “remodel” our server with massive upgrades which will likely “break” the website for a while. Even if we renew after August, 2017 we’ll likely stop selling most of our older courses at that time. So you should plan on finishing any course before the end of August, 2017.


Todd, LLC

Do Animal House and Psychology belong in the same sentence?

April 22nd, 2016

I think this is amusing; if you do too check out my new blog post at where I show off the Animal House-inspired Psychology t-shirt I made; do you want one of these? Let me know:


You can help create the National Museum of Psychology

April 13th, 2016

A Kickstarter was just launched today to help create the National Museum of Psychology. Are you interested in checking out the fun history of psychology swag you can get by donating? Check out the Kickstarter page at:

I wrote a few more details on my new blog here:
Thanks, hope everything is well with you


1-2-3 Magic: video & book CE courses

April 5th, 2016

Did you know we have CE courses based on the 1-2-3 Magic approach to parenting? Sometimes when a child misbehaves people start to count to three– but are they (or you) doing it “right?” If you want a free overview of this approach check out my past podcast interview with Dr. Phelan here free on YouTube.

If you’re looking for CE credits based on 1-2-3 MAGIC we have them. We have an online, digital version of one of Dr. Phelan’s video lectures up as a course: The video course is based on online videos of lectures from Dr. Thomas Phelan on 1-2-3 Magic. You’ll get 4 CE for $99 after watching the online videos. Participants will be able to describe the appropriate use of counting; the difference between “start behaviors” & “stop behaviors;” methods for responding to temper tantrums and effective discipline techniques.

You can also get CE credits for reading Dr. Phelan’s 1-2-3 Magic book “1-2-3 Magic: Effective Discipline for Children 2-12.” You’ll get 6 CE for $69 for reading the book and answering quiz questions.

“This revised edition of the award-winning 1-2-3 Magic program addresses the difficult task of child discipline with humor, keen insight, and proven experience. The technique offers a foolproof method of disciplining children ages two through 12 without arguing, yelling, or spanking.

By means of three easy-to-follow steps, parents learn to manage troublesome behavior, encourage good behavior, and strengthen the parent-child relationship—avoiding the “Talk-Persuade-Argue-Yell-Hit” syndrome which frustrates so many parents. Ten strategies for building a child’s self-esteem and the six types of testing and manipulation a parent can expect from the child are discussed, as well as tips on how to prevent homework arguments, make mealtimes more enjoyable, conduct effective family meetings, and encourage children to start doing their household chores. New advice about kids and technology and new illustrations bring this essential parenting companion completely up-to-date.”

Participants will be able to describe the appropriate use of counting in child discipline. Participants will be able to describe the difference between approaches for “start behaviors” and “stop behaviors.” Participants will be able to describe methods for responding to temper tantrums. Participants will be able to describe effective discipline techniques.

The book is sold separately (ex: on Amazon):

Also: remember to check out the fun I’m having over at my new blog. Apparently I like to poke fun at the American Psychological Association and apparently that is something that isn’t very hard to do. I really need to challenge myself more.

Perhaps that is why I’m also writing a new newsletter every Sunday related to medical records file review work and independent medical examinations (this is something that will primarily be of interest to psychologists and physicians). When you sign up for my email newsletter it automatically sends you a getting started guide that includes 10 FREE referral sources. I mention the 10 free referral sources because I’m of course selling a publication on my Reviews & IME’s website that includes over 70 great referral sources for this kind of work. I’ve already had a psychologist get my referral source list and go from never having done any file reviews to now working with multiple companies. If you’re interested in this kind of work let me know and I’ll answer any questions you have; also check out my Reviews & IME’s website at

Thanks again,

President;, LLC
P.S. We’re approved by the APA to sponsor CE… until the end of July, 2017. I’m not sure if we’ll reapply after that.

Reviews & IME’s for Psychologists & Physicians

April 2nd, 2016

In case you haven’t seen it yet, I send out a free Reviews & IME’s newsletter every Sunday.

If you subscribe to my free Reviews & IME’s newsletter (sign up here, it will automatically send you the free “Getting Started with Medical Records File Reviews & IME’s Guide” plus a list of 10 referral sources for free (my book includes a list of over 70 companies/ referral sources).

The Sunday 4/3/2016 Reviews & IME’s newsletter issue will also include the Referral Source of the Month for April, 2016 and the first installment of The Getting Started with Medical Records File Reviews & IME’s Guide. Future installments of the Getting Started guide will also be sent to those who have subscribed. People who subscribe from now on will have the Getting Started guide sent to them automatically when they subscribe.

So if you’re a psychologist or physician who is interested in learning more about medical records file review work and/or independent medical examinations feel free to sign up at